Dr Jaworowski specializes in face correction surgeries (nose correction surgeries, eyelids correction surgeries, facelift surgeries), breast correction surgeries (breast augmentation surgeries involving the use of breast implants and fat grafting breast augmentation; breast lift surgeries and breast reduction surgeries), body contouring surgeries, stomach plastic surgeries and post-pregnancy plastic surgeries. He also performs reconstructive surgeries helping patients after severe traumas and cancer.

In his work doctor Jaworowski always strives for artistic perfection and pays utmost attention to the smallest details, which can be clearly illustrated by the results of the performed surgeries and his patients’ satisfaction. Doctor Jaworowski’s friendly personality and frankness make him an excellent specialist for patients of all ages. Due to his professional attitude and achievements, he has been widely recommended as a particularly trustworthy and highly experienced surgeon.

Doctor Jaworowski has a great artistic sense and truly understands the complex nature of beauty. In his free time he pursues his passion for drawing and photography.

Dr Janusz Jaworowski is one of the most renowned and popular Polish plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons. He is a talented physician and microsurgeon who gives the most traumatised patients a real opportunity for leading a normal life. His skills and achievements have been, therefore, gratefully acknowledged by patients. He is also highly regarded by other medical professionals and is regularly invited, as a consultant and surgeon, to otorhinolaryngology, oncology and maxillofacial surgery clinics in Poland.

25 years of experience