Many people put a lot of effort into losing weight by exercising and dieting. Unfortunately, achieving a satisfactory weight does not always go hand in hand with an improved appearance. In such cases, undergoing an abdominoplasty procedure can help!

When is it worth having an abdominoplasty?

Each time, the qualification for the procedure is carried out by a doctor, a specialist in plastic surgery. Candidates for abdominoplasty are individuals with hernias or rectus muscle diastasis, sagging abdominal folds, or excessive lower abdominal skin left after significant weight loss or pregnancy. For some patients, body contouring through a so-called mini-abdominoplasty may be sufficient. This involves the removal and reshaping of tissues below the navel line.

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is one of the ways to get back in shape after pregnancy!

For patients who wish to improve or restore the appearance of their figure after pregnancy, Dr. Jaworowski offers a range of procedures as part of the mommy makeover. This procedure includes ultrasonic liposuction of the abdominal, buttocks, and thigh areas, abdominoplasty with the removal of excess skin, and repair of abdominal muscles. These procedures significantly restore the silhouette’s slimness and firm the abdomen.

Dr. Janusz Jaworowski has been performing mommy makeover procedures for many years and will undoubtedly recommend the optimal set of treatments tailored to the patient’s needs. For example, when it is desirable to use the patient’s own tissues, he suggests breast augmentation with fat transfer from areas where it is not needed. This procedure can be combined with abdominoplasty.

How is the abdominoplasty procedure carried out and what is the post-operative period like?

Abdominoplasty is a fairly extensive procedure that can last up to three hours. It is performed under general anesthesia. During the operation, the surgeon makes appropriate incisions and removes tissue. A scar may appear after the procedure, but it should not be feared. The skillful placement of the scar depends on the surgeon’s abilities and can be hidden in an old cesarean section scar or in an area covered by a swimsuit or underwear.

After the operation, the patient usually stays in the clinic for a day under the care of the staff. In the early post-operative period, it is recommended to maintain a slightly bent body position, which will reduce the tension of the abdominal wall.

Additionally, patients wear a special corset to shape the silhouette. The pain experienced after the procedure is alleviated by the prescribed painkillers. For a few days, patients also use antibiotics and anticoagulants.

How to Prepare for an Abdominoplasty Procedure?

All information will be provided by Dr. Jaworowski during a consultation at his office in Białystok. The patient will be well-informed on how to prepare and what to adhere to in order to achieve optimal results from the chosen treatment method. Firstly, all blood-thinning medications and supplements should be discontinued a week before the procedure. Additionally, alcohol consumption and smoking should be avoided for 24 hours before the planned procedure.

The Right Treatment Method is Fundamental!

The foundation of successful surgeries performed by Dr. Jaworowski is the proper selection of the method to meet the patient’s needs. All necessary information regarding abdominoplasty treatment methods will be provided during the pre-operative consultations.