For the most demanding patients, who expect the best aesthetic effect, Dr Jaworowski offers the possibility of placing an implant with a minimally invasive technique – the endoscopic method. The technique is reserved for the most experienced specialists, who are able to create the right place for the implant from a incision of few centimetres hidden in the armpit. Many years of experience results in the best aesthetic results and allows you to avoid sensory impairments in the area of the nipple and breast.

Dr. Jaworowski as an oncologist and plastic surgeon has a unique perspective on problems related to women’s breasts. In his practice he deals with both the removal of cancer tumours and the correction of defects after such treatment. In addition, he uses a number of modern techniques to restore the desired appearance of female breasts, regardless of the cause of the cosmetic defect.

The basis for the success of the operations performed by Dr Jaworowski is the appropriate selection of the method to meet the needs of the patient. The range of techniques used by Dr Jaworowski includes breast augmentation with the use of artificial materials and the patient’s own tissue. In the first case, he uses silicone implants, which can be placed under the breasts in different ways. In the second case, when it is desirable to use the patient’s own tissues, he proposes breast enlargement by means of fat transfer from places where it is unnecessary.

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