Breast enlargement Białystok, breast implants

For the most demanding patients, who expect the best aesthetic effect, Dr Jaworowski offers the possibility of placing an implant with a minimally invasive technique – the endoscopic method. The technique is reserved for the most experienced specialists, who are able to create the right place for the implant from a incision of few centimetres hidden in the armpit. Many years of experience results in the best aesthetic results and allows you to avoid sensory impairments in the area of the nipple and breast.

Dr. Jaworowski as an oncologist and plastic surgeon has a unique perspective on problems related to women’s breasts. In his practice he deals with both the removal of cancer tumours and the correction of defects after such treatment. In addition, he uses a number of modern techniques to restore the desired appearance of female breasts, regardless of the cause of the cosmetic defect.

The basis for the success of the operations performed by Dr Jaworowski is the appropriate selection of the method to meet the needs of the patient. The range of techniques used by Dr Jaworowski includes breast augmentation with the use of artificial materials and the patient’s own tissue. In the first case, he uses silicone implants, which can be placed under the breasts in different ways. In the second case, when it is desirable to use the patient’s own tissues, he proposes breast enlargement by means of fat transfer from places where it is unnecessary.

Breast plastic surgeries Białystok

Thanks to the skills of the best plastic surgeons, we are able to correct almost every imperfection of our body. One of the most frequently chosen types of cosmetic surgery by women are breast plastic surgeries.

Beautiful breasts thanks to breast implants

Many women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their breasts. Ladies usually complain about too small breast size, drooping breasts or loss of firmness. Sometimes breast size becomes the cause of serious complexes and low self-esteem. Thanks to breast augmentation surgery, women can improve their mood and get rid of the tormenting complex.

Breast enlargement - what is worth knowing?

The most frequently performed procedure in plastic surgery is breast enlargement. Treatments with the use of breast implants are intended to enlarge the breasts to the size expected by the patient. Before the procedure, a consultation is conducted in order to determine the expected results, as well as to evaluate the conditions for the placement of breast implants. Every woman is different, so the breast plastic surgery itself will have a slightly different course. The size and type of breast implants is selected by a plastic surgeon who specializes in performing this type of procedures. The price of breast enlargement depends on many factors, mainly on the size of the implant and the method of its introduction.

Types of breast implants

powiększanie biustu klinika białystokThere are many types of breast implants available on the market to meet the expectations of all patients who decide to improve the appearance of their breasts. Breast implants are special bags filled with silicone gel. To the touch they resemble the natural structure of the breasts. In plastic surgery, tear-shaped implants (anatomical shape) and round implants are most commonly used. The size of the implant depends on the planned effects and body structure of the patient.  

How does breast plastic surgery work?

Before the procedure, a consultation is always conducted, which allows you to determine the patient's expectations, as well as exclude any possible contraindications to the procedure, such as:
  • pregnancy,
  • unregulated diabetes,
  • blood clotting disorder,
  • pus infections of the skin and mucous membranes,
  • unregulated blood pressure.
Before the operation, the patient is admitted to the clinic and prepared for the procedure. Breast plastic surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and requires at least one day in the clinic. Breast implants can be inserted under the breast gland or under the breast muscle (endoscopic method) - the position of the implant depends on the patient's build. Recuperation after the procedure takes about two weeks. After eight days, the seams are removed. Immediately after the procedure, the patient should wear a special bra and follow the instructions given by the doctor for caring for postoperative scars, as well as for physical rehabilitation. Breast enlargement is a frequently performed procedure, but before making a decision to undergo, it is worth to think carefully about the choice of clinic. Currently, there are many places that offer this type of surgery, but due to the invasive nature, plastic surgery of the breasts should be performed by a specialist with high qualifications and documented experience.